Beginning & The End

So here we are, at the beginning & the end:

the beginning of a new month; but the same one which inevitably heralds the end of the year.  Rather than the plethora of things I’d anxiously planned for us to do together I ended up spending a solitary day; poor Tony, still feeling jaded & feeling decidedly unwell, did not get out of bed until almost 4pm therefore I ended up having to do everything on the farm, alone. 

Compared to yesterday’s misery it was thankfully a reasonably pleasant day; although typically not without its smattering of icy showers (which as always seemed to bombard the farm every time I needed to go out!).  I spent the majority of the day outside working with the animals, punctuated with hourly, fruitless attempts to persuade Tony to stir from beneath the duvet!  The very strong wind persisted however, making the day feel unpleasantly cold. 

By the time I’d almost finished the evening chores a light had appeared in the house, signalling that either the cats had got clever or that Tony finally felt sufficiently recovered to get up.  I stole a rare half-hour of relaxation by watching a little bit of TV after which I worked on the computer following cooking the supper.  Tony continued planning on his design for the Dairy Complex Process Rooms & attempted (unsuccessfully) to get the DVD player working before I headed off to bed & he, unsurprisingly not tired, stayed up to watch the latest ‘Shrek’ film, until about 3am; when, restless & concerned, I went downstairs to persuade him to go to bed – regrettably I suspect he won’t be up early yet again, tomorrow; & owing to today we have scheduled an even busier day, ahead…. 

I did feel sorry for Tony today, feeling so very much ‘under the weather’.  Mind you, he does enjoy his snoozing – & is rarely out of bed before 10am!  For my part, I cannot (alas!) remember when I last enjoyed the luxury of a lie-in; nor can I anticipate having one any time soon, either (but then again, what farmer ever does?!).  Am I being greedy??


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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2 Responses to Beginning & The End

  1. smallholder says:

    I say you deserve a lie-in! A few years ago my husband bought me a kitchen timer for Christmas… not because I kept burning the biscuits or he lacks any gift-imagination, but with the idea that any time I wanted a break from him and the kids I could set the timer (20 minutes or whatever) and then be guaranteed undisturbed peace to do whatever I wanted. I have to say that I never used it, but I knew that I could!

    It might be something to do with the time of year, or the weather, but I find myself totally unmotivated at the moment and struggle to just get one thing done each day. It’s probably just my brain winding down for the end of the year before I leap back into life on the 1st January – either that or it’s the beginning of a terminal decline… Maybe Tony suffers from SAD?

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Alas, if Tony suffers from SAD then he does so, all year round! I sometimes find it frustrating that when he’s off to Heathrow to go flying, he springs out of bed the second the alarm sounds (usually around 2am) & gets himself ready then heads off, no fuss or bother. If only he’d do the same when at home, it would make life so much easier – & we would achieve so much more on the farm as well.

    I sometimes think he resents the fact that I’m at home all the time having an ‘easy’ life whilst he’s away (living in decent hotels & often getting several days off at a time, down route!); although actually he grudgingly appreciates that farm labour is in fact it is anything but an easy option! Sometimes though I find it hard to get motivated myself – whether it’s the time of year or even feeling overwhelmed that there is so much to do yet so little time (& money, ooerr!). We’ve certainly both felt particularly fed up at times this year, as milking the goats has sometimes seemed almost pointless: we couldn’t sell it because without spending a lot of (wasted) money we couldn’t get a licence to sell the milk; so of course I couldn’t produce anything for sale, either. Very frustrating & even occasionally completely demoralising. But we’ve persevered – & now we have our planning permission, perhaps we’ll start to see things forging ahead at last!

    But thanks for the ‘thumbs up’ that I deserve a lie-in: it’s comforting to feel I’m not just being a whingey old wife!

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