Sparks on a Cold Day

Hmmm, not a good day, by any account.

As ever I was on the yard at first light; & my worst fears were confirmed.  The bottom of the driveway had great gouges carved into it from the passage of furious floodwater which had cascaded down from Parc Carreg Gwen & onto the arrivals yard in spite of the deep drainage channel cut across the drive.

Walking the dog up to the top I realised with horror, the full extent of the damage: as ever the top third had been almost completely washed away, with 6-inch deep channels furrowed vertically for over a hundred yards.  This would take some serious & urgent repair work; so I returned to the Ffarm, & set to the chores with grim determination. 

My mood was unfortunately not improved by the discovery Tony had not rodded the drainpipe over the back of the Long Barn as I’d asked.  I cannot reach it, otherwise I’d do it myself; & it had become blocked with leaves, causing the water from the night’s heavy rain to bypass the barn’s drainge channel & run down into the indoor pony stabling, damaging the already weakened internal wall in the process.  

Unfortunately, depsite my repeated requests he had also not reeled away the massive, heavy-duty cable we need to run all manner of essential electrical equipment on the ffarm.  I have owned & cared for said cable now for almost twenty years; however since moving to the ffarm Tony has broken it through careless handling & poor maintenance, twice.  I was therefore extremely frustrated (to say the least) to find it lying like a pool of thick black spaghetti, right in the path of the previous night’s deluge which had swept muddy water through the barn. 

Tony had unravelled said cable around two months before, when it was required for running some equipment whilst filming the James Martin cookery programme; & ever since, I’d been asking him to make sure it was reeled away before it sustained any damage.  In fact earlier in the week he’d actually told me it had been done, assuring me it was now stored safely back in his (chaotic but dry) workshop.  So on making this latest discovery I confronted him about the untruth; he merely shrugged & said he had intended to do it, but hadn’t thought I’d find out before he eventually got around to it (wrong!). 

He had surfaced at around 11.30am, when I explained our predicament regarding the state of the driveway.  He was again in a negative mood; & did not take kindly to my ‘chivvying’ especially when I also reminded him about his promises surrounding the barn.  Indeed after lunch his already explosive mood ignited: my already thinly-stretched impatience had increased that our work on the driveway repairs had not yet commenced as Tony was working on the company accounts….one misinterpreted phrase, & his normally placid temper flared like a spark touching dry timber.  Furious, he slammed down the computer, grabbed his wallet, pulled on his wellies, & stormed out – & did not come back.

By early evening I realised I’d have to get on with the chores, alone: the temperature outside had dropped & it was bitterly cold.  By the time I’d completed the chores he still had not returned so I picked at a lonely supper & finally went to bed, wondering when – indeed if – he would get over his stormy mood, & come back home…..

About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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