Calm after the Storm

I was hoping to get to a canine group lesson with Nanuk, today;

as our trainer is feeling fit enough to resume classes.  Unfortunately however, our new Hoover ‘Ultima’ WD860 washing machine was having none of it: floods of water gushed over the kitchen floor heralding the fact that despite carrying out a monthly service wash on the machine, the filter had blocked, yet again.  We purchased the machine in January & have generally been happy with it as it is quiet & efficient; & unusually for a combination washer/dryer it does actually get the clothes completely dry as well as clean; which in the cold winter months is a blessing (although we do use the heat from the Rayburn wherever possible).  Also, because it acts as a condenser/dryer it vents to the outside; so no more steamy windows in our already damp cottage.

However, it does have this major, catastrophic design flaw: a completely inaccessible lint filter. Unfortunately the first indication that the filter has blocked is a fountain of water from the dispenser drawer cascading down to deposit an inch-deep pool of water over the kitchen floor.  This is starting to damage the skirting around the cupboards; & I’m not happy.  So, rather than the preventive measure of simply being able to pull open a drawer at the front of the machine & remove any build-up of lint, the filter is actually located at the back of the machine behind a panel & according to the warranty, if anyone other than a qualified engineer removes said panel, that warranty is invalidated.  So for the second time since we purchased the ruddy thing in January, we’ve had to call out a service engineer….& there is the inevitable fortnight’s lead time as ever; not to mention ultimately having to wait in all day for the engineer to come etc etc.  It is a relatively simple thing to fix although fiddly, messy, time-consuming & highly irritating; not to mention the inconvenience of having to get every available towel to mop up the deluge each time it occurs; then there’s the time the mopping-up operation takes; the time & money wasted going into town to do the washing at the laundrette; & of course having to wash the now-dirty towels used to mop the kitchen floor.  So we’ll have to go to the laundrette in town for the next couple of weeks until the engineer fixes it; despite it being an otherwise easy job for practically-gifted Tony.

Anyway having been ‘out & about’ over the last couple of days & anticipating a busy week ahead, I spent the day catching up on paperwork & desperately trying to stem the ever-increasing tide of dirty dishes stacking up in the sink whilst dodging the gushing washing machine.  I left Tony in bed until about 1pm, opting to do the chores by myself as he’d had a hard Saturday & I knew would be exceptionally grumpy if I asked for help; & he ‘doesn’t do mornings’. 

All was strangely still after the mayhem on the local roads the evening before; the day was dry but overcast, with little wind to stir the silent woods.  A cloud of pigeons clattered abruptly down the valley.  They looked like racing birds but en route to wherever they were headed many dropped by the wayside, landing in the wood instead; which was oddly amusing. 

We had hoped pay a social call on Maes Y Derw this afternoon; but time ticked away all too quickly & by the time we’d finished the late chores evening had fallen; so we felt we should remain on the Ffarm in case of any unannounced firework displays in the locality.  However, all was quiet so we enjoyed a peaceful roast Sunday dinner before relaxing with some revision – Welsh, cheesemaking, livestock husbandry & ice cream for me; & aviation for Tony.  Thus, a civilised end to a generally calm day – once the washing machine had finished its’ Force Ten deluge, that is….!


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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