Washed out


I suffered a dreadful night, getting hardly any sleep as I’m still feeling ‘under the weather’ & Tony’s also still snuffling through his cold; he spent most of the night snoring at unbelievable volume (lucky there’s no snow on the hills as I swear he’d have started an avalanche). At one point I even considered sleeping on the sofa but knew that if I did, I’d still suffer a restless night with a cricked neck to boot, by morning.  And I didn’t dare disturb him as he had to leave home early to drive to my parent’s house in Kenilworth for the day; having declared himself fit to fly yesterday evening, he’d been put on standby duties for today.  Thus he was up & about extra early; & I needed to deliver him & his suitcase to the top of our driveway where he’d left the car yesterday owing to the fact our bottle of FMD disinfectant had run out.  He set off & I replenished the disinfectant stocks before heading back to the Ffarm to do the morning chores & undertake some business & recipe research.  By 3pm I was so exhausted that I went to bed for a brief snooze; but to my horror I did not wake until almost 6pm & had to hurry through the evening chores as a result.  The goats were in a bad mood as the weather had threatened rain, so I had not been able to turn them out on the fields; & Merson (the stud male) was bellowing like some sort of primeval monster as he wooed his ladies, chasing them round & round their pen as they are by now thoroughly fed up with his continued attentions. 

Meanwhile Tony went for lunch with my parents, only to be called out at the last minute on a trip to Baku, which is on the coast of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan.  It transpired that an entire crew was being flown out – a most unusual circumstance – because the crew already out there, had been involved in a road traffic accident en route to their hotel, & were now in hospital.  Thus this relief crew had to fly out as passengers in  order to bring the aircraft back again, tomorrow.  This has put a fair bit of additional pressure on me as it’s given me quite a lot of extra work (the chores which had been allocated to Tony) in preparation for filming on Thursday, as a result.  Honestly, the things that man will do, to get out of mowing the lawn…!

Subsequently, I’m going to keep today’s entry fairly brief – time is a luxury I certainly don’t have as there is cleaning to do, walls to paint & ice cream to make.  If it’s a case of ‘no rest for the wicked’ I’m beginning to think I must’ve been Attila the Hun in a previous life.

Yesterday’s business meeting has sparked the nugget of an idea, however: what to do with any spare milk, in order to retail it before we get our building constructed?  Of course, I appreciate that if milk is being processed for actual consumption very strict safeguards need to be in place – hence we are effectively ‘hamstringed’ at present as we don’t have the facilities to do so.  But what if I was to use that milk, to make soap?  It’s an idea which has germinated over the last couple of days, a combination of our Antur Teifi meeting with Mr Walters yesterday, & as the result of a passing conversation with our weekend guests whilst we were enjoying our lunch at the Flat Rock Bistro.  They’d asked what uses there are for goats’ milk; & when I mentioned that one is soap, they surprised me with their enthusiasm, extolling its virtues as one of the finest types available.  So maybe I should dig a little deeper, & perhaps even do some experimentation…?  It wouldn’t hurt after all; & may generate some modest income to pay for a few sacks of feed until the ‘busines proper’ is up & running.  Worth considering methinks; but alas, I’m feeling a bit ‘washed out’ right now (ho ho)….time for another ‘catchup’ snooze – I need to make the most of a night without the ceaseless rumble of gargantuan snores, after all!  I only hope there isn’t any snow in Baku, at the moment….


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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