Cream, de la Creme

Today was a day of experimentation –

ice cream time!  I made a couple of batches of my Hay Tea ice cream – one as a ‘standby’ in case I don’t get the chance to freshly freeze-churn a batch for the James Martin programme, in a couple of weeks; & the second, as a gift for Boo as she’s invited us over for dinner with her & husband Carl, tomorrow evening.  Carl is the only one of us ‘Famous Four’ who is still in the RAF, & has been lucky enough to bag a posting to nearby MoD Aberporth, sited on a picturesque clifftop overlooking the ocean a few miles away from their home (which is also the B&B they run) in Newcastle Emlyn.  Ironically Carl & I met whilst working together at RAF Innsworth in Gloucestershire, during 2006 – & like me he certainly doesn’t miss the 3+ hours’ daily commute to work!

I also worked on a recipe for a spiced honey variety of ice cream: the custard is divine, as rather than simply plonking a dollop of honey directly in it, I made a hot syrup of honey & spices into which I poured freshly-whisked egg whites, transforming the whole into a light, frothy mousse.  To be honest, even if it doesn’t work as an ice cream, I should perhaps patent the tantalisingly tasty scent – as the aroma of hot, melting honey, mixed with the spices which wafted around the kitchen was utterly divine!  Because the custard is now chilling down I can’t say whether this batch of ice cream will be a success – in fact I suspect I’ll have to reduce the sugar content – but it’s certainly been a fascinating journey of discovery to concoct this recipe.  On this occasion I used a pale muscovado sugar, coupled with a light, local wildflower honey (so it should also be beneficial for local hayfever sufferers let alone those with lactose intolerance); anyway, the taste test will take place in the next couple of days….I can hardly wait!  This is one case where the hackneyed phrase about the ‘proof of the pudding’, is definitely true.  Incidentally if you want the full recipe – including one for the most simple but utterly delicious ice cream, see the ‘Flavours & Recipes’ subpage for Ice Cream.  I’m never entirely satisfied, however; & intend to do further experimentation on this theme by combining different varieties of honey with varying quantities & types of sugar; today’s version once perfected, should prove a light, summery taste; but I also intend to create a subtly sophisticated, dinner-party version for the more discerning palate. 

However as it’s been a lovely, sunny day it felt almost too good to stay indoors; so let’s hope we have a fine, dry autumn with plenty of bright, crisply chill days to stimulate some vigorous work in the gardens, orchard & on the ffarmyard coupled with some brisk walks with the dog; as well as encouraging me to perfect my semi-hard variety of goats’ cheese in preparation for the reality of retail, next year.  And who knows, I may even be tempted to create a really special blue cheese for Dad, to complement his Christmas port….though the delicious creaminess of a mature Harbourne Blue would admittedly be hard to beat!  But I do love a challenge…..

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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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4 Responses to Cream, de la Creme

  1. Seriously, hay tea ice cream? Do you make tea from the hay and then add it to the cream when making?? However did you think of this?

    In general…ICE CREAM!!! My favourite thing in the whole world I think. Why aren’t you my neigbour?

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Alas, I’d happily be your neighbour but you’re a bit too far from any vets in your neck of the woods! You & the Pygmies could always move to old Blighty though, of course.

    Hay Tea ice cream is actually made from only four simple ingredients: goats’ milk & cream; sugar, & egg yolk. It was so called because it was originally concocted for our Hay Tea celebrations last year, which is a meal in honour of the local farmers as a ‘thank you’ for helping us to bring our hay crop in: very time-consuming, punishing work as you know – & for which we are always grateful to our friends & neighbours for rallying round.

    I made the ice cream to serve with apple pie, & it was polished off straight away; & because everyone thought it tasted so good we switched from our original plan of cheesemaking to crafting artisan gelato instead – especially as nobody else in Wales was making it. Glad we did – it’s hard work but a helluva lot of tasty fun, having to make/eat ice cream all day!!

    Best thing is, I can make flavours I love, too – no more hunting around the shops. Current faves are Brandied Eggnog, Cioccolato Arancia (Dark chocolate orange) & Yuletide Pudding, as we’re experimenting with festive flavours. Yummy!.

  3. Oh…if you ever have Canadians over, you’ll have to make Peanut Butter ice cream! When I was living in New Zealand, I went to a lot of agricultural trade shows and the like, whenever there was a fudge booth I always asked for peanut butter. The response was always a resounding ‘No’ followed by ‘You’re Canadian aren’t you’.

    Haagen Dazs used to make the PB ice cream but don’t anymore…I miss it terribly.

  4. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Yo Kristeva….

    will do what we can. Working on it staight away in your honour (plus we love it too!!)

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