Chills & Spills

Not, alas, an umblemishingly lovely Welsh day:

It was one of sunshine & showers – the sunshine, ironically, every time I had my ‘nose to the grindstone’ in paperwork; & the showers, each time said magnificent nasal protuberance (yea, albeit a beeg Bellamy hooter – of which Cyrano de Bergerac would’ve been proud) ventured into the distinctly watery light of day – the Heavens opened: & “Jo’s Truly” had the luxury of either tucking herself back indoors with a Good Book (ohh, if only); or grimly continuing with her skidding, skerdaddling skerfuffle across the skating-rink Ffarmyard in the ‘now-familiarly-slipperlike-but soulless (literally!) yet much-loved, warm & welcoming’ – Muckboots.  Said Muckboots have proved great – nay, inspiring – footwear, for both of us over our heavily-workloaded time on the Ffarm; but pleeease – oh ye Muck-loving Neoprene Creators – take heed…. & put some decent tread on the darn things before me, my darling Hubby & your many other accolytes snap our gumboot-forsaking necks in your otherwise warm-welly-worthy cause!  

For indeed, whilst my ‘upper bitz’ nippingly suffered unexpectedly with Monday’s unwelcome & unanticipated UK ‘cold snap’, at least my footsies were duly snuggled against said frigid reception – as it honestly was a ‘drop-of-several degrees’ day requiring determined application to slightly more vigorous chores; being both distinctly cold AND wet into the bargain.  But I noted there definitely was a marked drop in temperature which perhaps I didn’t quite appreciate, until the goats’ vociferous complaints bawled me out after the first short n’ sharp shower, persuading me to succumb to giving them an unscheduled & (very) early bedtime (with all the extra hay, & extra-luxury bedding, & extra ‘sweeties’) – said bribery entailed. 

To be honest, sometimes – just sometimes – (though admittedly, I really do mean this!) I truly wish I was one of our ‘oh-so-privileged’ Cariadfach Herd…..for, what a life!!!  Imagine the very best quality organic menu, served at every meal; luxury accommodation; regular manicures & pedicures; personal grooming (& some even insist on having personal hairdressing – cunningly disguised as meeee!! ha ha!! – providing extra cuddles & bouffant rufflings); plus weekly massages with Japanese Peppermint Oil…..& when the ladies feel ‘in ze mood’, we provide them with a handsome ‘escort’ (aka our gorgeous pin-up stud, Merson) for the evening….what more could a girl want??  Anyway – put a ‘tick’ against my name for the next life, please…..!!

Regardless of this pampering, I’m sure these well-intentioned remarks will lead to some heated comments from impassioned vegans/ill-informed carnivores, about ‘exploiting’ our milky workforce & ‘murdering’ their resultant kids for profit, greed etc etc.  Well; may I say that we bought the very best livestock to ensure the very best future for ALL our babies….& they’re loving the freedom & abundant comfort we provide for them in which they grow as happy, individual, goaty personalities; we wouldn’t have it any other way.  When we do have to separate the mums from their babies for their mutual good – which, incidentally, happens in every walk of life, whether concubine or caprine – we ensure No stress, NO fuss: just comfort, calm & love, all round.  And that approach invariably works.  The kids – if & when we have to part with them – only go to like-minded, ethical homes.  We firmly believe our milk would not be of such high, delicious quality & provide us with such a welcomingly relaxing bedtime drink (much-needed this evening!), if all this wasn’t fact – & we happily challenge any dissenters, to prove the contrary.  Anyway on that note – I must raise to you my weary but full, milky cup – for as our ‘ladies’ most certainly wouldn’t agree, it’s been a busy day.

About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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