Olympus Burning

Well, this makes a change….!!

     Admittedly, it wasn’t as warm as yesterday; however, we are thanking our lucky stars for any hint of Summer at all at the moment, as haymaking can recommence in earnest at last.  What is left, won’t be great; but at least it’s something.  How ironic, that fire crews & desperate volunteers have been working frantically to prevent those terrible Peloponnesian fires reaching the sacred, ancient site at Olympus Mons…..scorched earth in the parched Museum yard; but thankfully, the rest is saved.  As it has been ironically commented, the Classical Greek world brought us civilisation…..& the modern Greek world has almost destroyed it.  Tragic; & sickening.

Meanwhile it has been a quiet, blissfully sunny Sunday, here on the Ffarm: so I’ve taken the opportunity to do further work with Nanuk (our Greenland dog), trying a more persuasive approach (aka food bribes) to the ‘sit’ command, which for some reason she largely ignores!  The goats spent the day out relaxing in the warm sunshine; & young Anthemis even tried to join them despite having Anenome for company, leaping the hurdles in the corner of the pen in which she’s confined owing to her pulled ligaments.  Admittedly I’m still troubled by her injury; there still appears to be swelling around her lower leg joint & she still isn’t putting any weight on the leg.  Once the Bank Holiday is over I shall ask Anna-Marie for further advice.  

The final bottle feed worried me too, this evening.  Little Aerfen choked on her milk about halfway down the bottle & was very quiet thereafter, refusing to finish her feed.  She’s always been a bit ‘rumbly’ & often coughs once she’s polished off her milky meal; but this was different somehow.  I can only hope a little of the liquid just ‘went down the wrong way’ & that it’s not a more sinister problem (as she was born a week premature, I have always had concerns that her lungs might not have been fully developed – although her little silver sister, Aerona, has never exhibited any such problems).

I walked back across the farmyard & up to the house with the dark, tranquil woods silhouetted against the deep blue-black of the night sky, fringed with the first visible sprinkling of stars & a big yellow moon hanging low over the silent southern hills.  A bat wheeled its aerobatic dance over the Long Barn, in search of insects mesmerised by the harsh orange hypnotism of the sodium light over the front door; otherwise, all was peaceful & still.  A last streak of sunset glowed behind the Frenni Fawr, as I closed the door & settled on the squashy old sofa with a glass of sweetly-scented wine (echoes of this evening’s walk, heady honeysuckle pervading the pungent woodland air) to watch the last in the series of ‘A Pembrokeshire Farm’, in which Grif Rhys Jones renovates Trehilyn Farm at Strumble Head.  It is particularly fascinating as both the Trehilyn & Ffarm Fach farmhouses are of similar antiquity which has provided a valuable insight as to how the house here may once have looked.  What is so sad though, is that so many of the original features of our own house have been stripped away over the years in the name of ‘progress’; although thankfully a few things have been left such as the flagstone floor in the parlour, the beamed ceiling in the kitchen, & much of the original tongue-&-grooved woodwork.  We have enquired about the viability of restoring as much of the house as possible to its’ original state; but Kev (our neighbour & builder, passionate about restoration of Croglofft Cottages such as ours) gloomily intoned that the house has had too much done to it, for this to be possible.  Ironically the things that have been radically changed here in the name of ‘progress’ have only served to damage the old property; when it was originally built, the craftsmen knew what they were doing!  Not any more, it seems….however, I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else which has to be a testament to the wonderful spirit of the Ffarm. 

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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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